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What we do

Canaan Land Ministries welcomes children in social vulnerability, prioritizing the strengthening of family ties. In addition to the host, innovative strategies and actions are developed, aiming and always prioritizing the return to the family of origin, extensive or substitute, developing through its Technical Team ̶ formed by Social Worker and Psychologist ̶ a work of guidance and family accompaniment, in this way to reduce the length of stay of the host in the institution, and consequently the sequelae of institutionalization. The prioritization of family ties has brought good results, with children returning to their family of origin whenever possible and in a timely manner for the reestablishment of the affective family bond.

The work with families is to follow the process of adjusting the factors that led to the reception of children and adolescents, through visits to these families and referral to the service of CREAS and CRAS. In this aspect, the work is always carried out with the whole support network together with the Children and Youth Court of the Guarapuava district. While staying in the institution, children and adolescents are given all the necessary care for their development, including:

Balanced meals:
Five meals are served daily, which are prepared by the caregivers and accompanied by a nutritionist.

Psychosocial monitoring:
The institution counts on a social worker and a psychologist who attend each reception according to their needs, understanding and working their traumas and taking them to a new moment in their life.

Service in the spiritual area:
The institution is largely maintained by the Nazarene Evangelical Churches Foundation of North America, which participates with approximately 80% of the value needed for the progress of work. Associação Canaã also has specific projects of the Municipal, State and Federal Government, as well as donations of people and companies from the community. All the welcome attend and participate in the programs of the Evangelical Nazarene Church in Entre Rios.

We understand that through God's love and Christian values ​​we can change and shape the lives of children and adolescents so that they can return to society healed of their wounds and ready to lead their lives independently, with well-defined values ​​and principles.

School attendance:
Hosts are encouraged to study and take advantage of available opportunities. We follow their school evolution and provide through specific donors classes of school reinforcement and entrance in professional courses. Caregivers participate in all meetings in the colleges and prepare reports for monitoring and action by the Technical and Administration Team.


CLM Plus Program (Republic Modality)

When adolescents enrolled in the CLM (Canaan Land Ministries) turn 18 and / or graduate in high school, they can join the CLM Plus program, which helps them transition into independent living.

This transition consists of different forms of aid, from psychosocial accompaniment to financial aid so that they can enter a college or technical course of their choice or even financial aid until they get their first job and become independent.

Many of the host families are not able to return to their families and, if they are not accompanied in this transition process, they can easily return to the risk of living or worse, entering the life of crime, trafficking, prostitution or any other to which he is encouraged to live.

In this regard, the Canaan Association develops a work of reference, which throughout its 43 years of existence has enabled many of its guests to return to society, to establish a family and to live a dignified life.

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